Friday, April 5, 2013

A Trip to Concepción and a Celebrity Look Alike

As I type this I´m on a bus to Concepción.  The bus has free wifi, and it is certainly helping the 6 hour trip go by more quickly.

Why am I off to Concepción you ask?  Well, for a Chilean wedding of course!

The couple is a Chilean woman and an English guy.  I met them on a tour when I was traveling in Temuco and Pucón.  If you go to my post from August 8th, 2010 you can see them with me in the hot springs with a few other people.  We hit it off talking about our lives and travel adventures, and we´ve stayed in contact since then.  They met met when he came to Chile about 5 years ago, and she was actually his Spanish teacher.  Since then they´ve gotten to know each other and are both English teachers in Concepción.  I was very flattered to be invited to their wedding, but I am very excited for the opportunity to attend my first Chilean wedding (and my third wedding ever).  A blog post with the details of the weekend will be coming, don´t worry!

On my way to the bus station today I had a bit of situation.  After waiting for the buses going up Antonio Varas I decided to get a colectivo.  It´s like a taxi but it has a fixed route and will take up to four passengers at any given time.  When I got in I had a few bags, and the driver gave me a death stare that seemed to say "How dare you step foot in my vehicle."  He then asked me if I was on a reality show.  I gave him a puzzled look and told him no, but thinking back I do have to admit that my black bag looks very similar to the ones that contestants use on Big Brother.

He went on to tell me that I look like the twin brother of a contestant on the show Mundos Oppuestos.  Apparently it´s a reality show that is very popular here in Chile, but I haven´t seen it at all.  It´s similar to Big Brother with contestants living in isolation, except they either live in the past or future.  I didn´t know what to think of his comment, and after doing some Wikipedia research and consulting with a few friends he seems to think I´m twins with a guy named Richard.

So here is Richard:

And here I am:

Is it me, or is that colectivo driver blind?


  1. Not. Even. Close.

    Hopefully he does a better job of identifying driving hazards than he does identifying faces!!!!!

  2. He got me to the metro safely. I'm grateful for that at least.