Monday, June 28, 2010

World Cup Disappointment

So just about half an hour ago Chile lost its World Cup dream against Brazil.

To be honest, after the first two games my World Cup fever wore off pretty quickly.  After each game I asked to find out what happened, but I was pretty indifferent to it all.

There hasn't been much newsworthy lately.  I saw Toy Story 3 in Spanish, and while I didn't understand every single word or every joke it was still pretty cool.  The movie was cute and adorable and true to Pixar's style of movies.

I also enjoyed catching up with some friends over the weekend, and it was refreshing just walking around town together and exploring the markets and getting a bite to eat.

As students are busy taking semester exams and the semester is winding down, I am looking forward to Isabel visiting and exploring Peru together.

It will hopefully be a nice escape from the rain here.  There is not very good drainage, and it is not uncommon to see huge puddles and water almost up to the curb, so you need to be careful when waiting for the bus or walking on the sidewalk in order to not get soaked:

And here are some of my recent meals: Cazuela (soup with rice chicken and pumpkin), a California burger, and a tortilla espaƱola with tomato inside.

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