Thursday, June 10, 2010

The question isn´t what we are going to do, the question is what we AREN´T going to do!

In case if you don´t recognize that quote, it is from the classic 80s film Ferris Bueller´s Day Off.  I am watching this at school now.  Why am I doing this and not helping with English classes you ask?

Well, Claudia and I were preparing to give our class their oral tests first thing this morning.  Then one of the math teachers came in and announced that there was a math test to be given to the entire school to determine their math level.  They were taking the test right then, and it was scheduled to take over 2 hours. 

Claudia didn´t need my help giving the test, so I had free time.  Luckily I had brought Claudia´s copy of Ferris Bueller´s Day Off with me, and Claudia had her laptop at school with her. 

So you might still be wondering why I am watching it.  Well, the 10th grade students are finishing up a unit on crime and getting into trouble.  This movie is so perfect for that theme.  It has playing hooky, impostering others, joyriding, lying, and more.  It´s actually one of my favorite movies.  I´m working on a study guide so the students can follow along to the movie and understand it.

On a different note, World Cup Fever is in full swing here.  Kids at school have purchased books that list all of the players for each team, and there are cards that they are collecting to fill in each blank for each player.  Next Wednesday will be Chile´s first match at 7:30 AM here, and they are going to broadcast the game in the gym on a large screen so everyone at school can see.

But that´s not all.  Some schools have actually cancelled classes for that first game.  Other schools are letting students come in after that first match is over.  The Ministry of Education has allowed students to leave school early (at 1:00) Friday the 25th so that they can make it home in enough time to watch the game that starts at 2:30.

It´s really interesting to see all of the World Cup memorabilia on display.  I am going to try to get an official shirt and maybe a cup and book to bring back as souvineers and also as something to show to any Spanish classes I will have.

Another interesting grammar point: When do you use say, and when do you use tell?

You use say when you say something to someone.

You use tell when you tell someone something.

It´s a very subtle difference but a difference nonetheless.  I found the lyrics for ¨Hello, Goodbye¨ by The Beatles, and we will probably sing the song in class next week.

That´s all for now.

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