Saturday, March 13, 2010

The weekend

So when I got home after the earthquakes (I thought it was aftershocks, but they were completely separate earthquakes) it turns out my place was fine. 

On Friday evening I went out with some friends to a famous bar in Santiago called La Piojera, which is famous for its drink called the terremoto, or earthquake.  The place had people all over the place, and it was loud and chaotic.  Perhaps the best part of the bar was the clown that was going around making balloon animals and other things.  I had a blast and am glad that I went.

Today was a lazy day, as I mostly stayed at home besides for a shopping trip and stopping by the hostel to catch up with some friends from the program.  People are going out again tonight, but I am opting to stay in tonight so I can get up early and go to the beach tomorrow.

I am learning my way around, and it's a really satisfying feeling knowing how to get around the city with the bus and metro.  I am able to go grocery shopping without a problem, and I can ask where to find things or for help if I need it being understood by people and understanding what they are saying.  It's a nice feeling that I am starting to become integrated here and makes me realize that my Spanish isn't that bad after all.

The weather forecast for tomorrow in ViƱa is 72 and sunny.  Hopefully it will stay way so I can enjoy the day.

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