Friday, March 5, 2010

Settling down again and school

This week has not been a normal one to say the least.

A few times throughout the week we were without electricity and/or lights, and our internet connection was very slow or nonexistent.  I also tried going to the grocery store, and there were huge fences up with police guarding the sole entrance.  They informed everyone that the grocery store was closed until the morning.  I also faced this same problem when trying to go to an eyeglass place that was inside a shopping mall.

Since my sunglasses were lost or stolen before the earthquake, I tried to see about getitng them replaced.  Just as I was dreading, pretty much the only place that could fill the prescription (thanks to my prescription being so strong) would cost close to $500.  I was determined to find some clip ons or something cheaper than that, and sure enough I succeeded.  After walking down Calle MacIver (which has eyeglass place after eyeglass place), I finally found one that had clip ons.  The woman who helped me pulled out a cardboard box with about 5 different types, and I settled on a smaller pair for 4000 pesos (about $8).  They totally make me look weird and flip up for extra dorkiness, but at this point I don't really care about that.

I've been getting to hang out with people here too.  A few days ago another person in the program told me that a bunch of people were going to a local swimming pool, and so I headed out that way to meet them there.  It turns out the pool was closed, so we walked to the Plaza Ñuñoa and sunbathed there.  After a while we played some cards, and some people brought along a soccer ball.

 I´ve also spent time with the roommates and got to meet Mathias, the German guy that moved in right before taking off for vacation to Bolivia and Peru.  It has been nice just sitting around and talking together, and they have been helping me out with little things all along the way.  I feel so lucky to have them as roommates.

After the delays with the earthquake, we had out first day at school yesterday.  Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and it was just a day for the teachers.  There was a lot of talking and meetings, and it was overwhelming hearing so much Spanish spoken so quickly and for such a long time.  Both Erin (who is also at the same school) and I were left in a daze. 

Today at school was much better.  The teachers had almost the entire day to plan by themselves or by department, and so we got to talk with the English teachers one on one and got to see more of the school.  Our schedules are not set yet, but we will be observing for the first week to get a feel for the classes and how everything goes.

Tonight there is a Telethon that our school is doing to help raise money for the earthquake victims.  From the looks of how they were advertising it when I left it should be pretty interesting.  The rest of the weekend I´m hoping to get to do some furniture shopping, maybe go to the beach, and possibly do sky diving with some friends.  We shall see what the future holds....

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