Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello March!

It´s March already?  Where has the time gone?

There have been a few important events since my last update:

1. Earthquake Day
2. My dad´s birthday
3. Joining a gym

February 27th was the 3 year anniversary of the earthquake here in Chile.  I can still remember the event vividly in my mind as if it had happened yesterday.  Since then I have fallen out of contact with most of my roommates that lived there, but one of them messaged me the other day that one of our roommates is moving back to Santiago from Mexico.  We´re going to try to meet up, so we´ll see how it works out.

February 27th was also my dad´s birthday.  The earthquake was a surprise birthday gift 3 years ago, but since then I´ve decided it´s better not to pull surprises like that anymore.  I wish I could have been there to celebrate in person, but with the distance and cost of plane tickets we have a big family celebration for the 4 February birthdays around the time when I am home.  I called home, and my dad had lots of birthday wishes and meals out with family and friends to celebrate.

Then the following day I joined a gym.  Pacific Gym has many branches here in Santiago, but each one has a varying degree of quality, classes, and hours open.  There was a promotion to join one location for about $300 for the year, so I opted for the one about a 20 minute walk from my apartment.  It´s open 24 hours, so  it´s very convenient.  The one that is closest to me is very small and closes at 2 in the afternoon on Saturday and is closed all day Sunday!

I´ve already gotten in a few workouts there, and so hopefully once classes kick in I´ll be able to stick with a routine given the 24 hour availability.

Despite it being March, the weather here hasn´t cooled down.  The weather is still getting to the mid 80s or even hotter each day, so I´m wearing short sleeve shirts and bringing cold water to my classes whenever I can.  Looking at the weather forecast for the next week it will be getting up to almost 90 each day.

That´s all for now.  Have a good day everyone!

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