Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's a Small Chilean World

Another week has flown by, and I am starting to realize how small of a world it is.

One of my friends from Jersey will be visiting me next month, and it turns out that one of her neighbors is from Santiago. I have yet to find out the details as to what part of Santiago, but it was surprising news to hear from her.

I've also started running into people I know in random places here. As I was on the bus to one of my classes in Las Condes (an upper-class area of Santiago), a woman asked me how things were going with TeachingChile. It turns out she remembered me from 3 months ago when I visited Mi Jugo (a quesadilla shop) with David and Margaret.

Then I was at Blondie (a disco) with a bunch of friends to celebrate Mel's despedida (departure) from Santiago, and a guy came up to me and asked if I remembered him. His face looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then he told me that he was at Zoe's birthday party from back in March.

Today I was at the gym, and I ran into a guy that was here last year through TeachingChile. Now he is working here teaching English, and so it was cool seeing him since I had only met him at a party in May.

On a different note, I am loving my new job.  Some students I am working with are product managers, and they have to make presentations about their marketing and sales for the fiscal year.  They are speaking in Spanish, but the Powerpoint portion has to be in English.  Seeing how complex the information is has given me a new found respect for the challenge of their jobs, and their ability to explain the information to me in English is really amazing.  My coworkers are really awesome and always provide a good laugh.

And no one commented but I still wanted to provide the answers to the linguistics questions from last post:

1. carry- having an object in your hands while moving.
    hold- having an object in your hands while not moving.
    bring- to carry an object from one place to another.

2. You get on to modes of transportation that you would walk into, such as a bus or metro stop.
    You get in to modes of transportation in which you would need to get down or sit down to enter, such as
    a car or taxi.

3. We don't conjugate some verbs in the first or second person.  Some examples are to snow and to rain.  Do you snow?  I rained yesterday!

So, did you rain lately? :-)

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