Saturday, February 19, 2011

A more relaxed day at the Falls

Today I headed out early, and I´m glad I did.

With cooler weather and fewer tourists, I felt like I was able to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty that was surrounding me.  As I walked along the nature trails, I heard the chirping of insects.  Some lizards dashed across the way, and butterflies flew past me.  Most of the paths along the Circuito Inferrior and Circuito Superior (lower and upper routes) were covered with trees, so that also made today more comfortable than yesterday.

The view of each of the waterfalls along the way was breathtaking.  At one point I found myself in front of a large waterfall, and a rainbow was stretched from one end to the other.  There were a few other waterfalls, but the most amazing view was at the base of one of them.  I went all the way out to the edge of it and got soaked while another tourist took a picture for me.  I didn´t mind since it was warm climbing up and down all of the steps.

Yes, that's me out there with my arms stretched out.  I was soaked.

I took my time enjoying the views and the animals I came across.  Even though the information desk told me to allow for 3 hours for the 2 paths I took, I was done in a little over 2 hours.  I got a few souviners and then took the bus back to Puerto Iguazu.

I tried to get an earlier bus to Buenos Aires, but it would have only been an hour earlier and I would have had to pay a ticket change fee.  So I have about 2 more hours to kill before I make my way back to Buenos Aires on the 18 hour trip.

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