Monday, December 20, 2010

Flying Home

So I'm leaving for the airport in about an hour. 

My flight leaves Santiago at 1:15 this afternoon, and I arrive in Sao Paulo to a nearly 5 hour layover.  Then my next flight leaves around 10:30 tonight, and I will touch down in New York at 5:30 AM Tuesday.

I was going to arrive at the airport at 11, but a friend told me the airport was crazy so I'm arriving there at 10.

Goodbye Santiago (for now), and thank you to all of the wonderful people here that I've met.  Some of you I will see again upon my return to Chile, but for others of us will have to wait until some other time in the future to meet up.

And also thank you to all of the people that have been reading my blog.  When I hear about people reading from my dad, it gave me the encouragement and willpower to keep posting.

See you soon USA.

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