Monday, May 31, 2010

Goodbye May

So I am curled up in bed as I type this and am amazed at how fast time has been going by.

Due to not having internet over the weekend at my place I didn't get to update about the will versus going to question.  I hope no one died in the suspense of the moment.  So here are the rules (according to the English book at my school):

You say "going to" when you are talking about something that you planned before you began speaking.  For example, This summer I am going to eat a lot of Kit Kats for Dan since he has none in Chile.

You say "will" when you are talking about something that you decided right at the moment you started speaking.  For example, Gosh, that last example got me thinking about Dan.  I think I will send him some Kit Kats now.

You can use either "will" or "going to" to tell about predictions of the future.  For example:

Dan is going to get some Kit Kats in the mail.  OR Dan will get some Kit Kats in the mail.

So enough of the grammar.  This past week went by quickly, as did the weekend.  I got together with Mel and Chris, two people from the program, and we did a Friday night Pizza Hut dinner.  It was good to catch up with them over what has been happening and to just laugh about all of our adventures here.  I also learned a new phrase that they (and I now too) use to describe the craziness and almost unbelievable situations we have found ourselves in: motorboat crazy.  Here was some of the Pizza Hut goodness:

My weekend also included building a nightstand sucessfully on my own, shopping for a sweater and some new shirts (there was a huge sale in Patronato), and here is what the store looked like inside:

All over the store it was exactly like this, with piles of clothing all over the place.  The prices were pretty good though, especially for good brands.  I have never really been a sweater type of guy, but I really like the one that I got.  I will have to snap a picture of me in it soon. 

Here is some more food from the weekend.  A small pot/pan of eggs with ham and some hot chocolate:

It turns out that Sunday the 30th of May was the Patriotic Day of Culturalism in Santiago.  There were parades and free entrances to musuems.  Unfortunately the lines were long no matter where I went and I was occupied with other plans so I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest, but here are a few pictures:

May was a month of transition for me.  I moved from one apartment to another, and I am also making the transition to eating more healthy and spending my money more wisely (ie less eating out and more cooking at home). 

And to end this entry here is a picture of the mountains on a clear day from outside the front door of my apartment:

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