Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 months (and a day)

Yesterday marked 2 months since I left the States, and I am feeling good.

I have gotten used to the difference in discipline in the classroom,  and I have been able to get kids to make nameplates out of index cards and fill out an interest inventory for me.  With close to 350 kids it will be a challenge to get to know the kids personally let alone know all of their names. but I am up for the challenge.  Pretty much the only thing I will do discipline wise is if I see them with a cell phone or Ipod I tell them to turn it out and put it away, and if I see it again I will take it.  Even though I have to repeat it every single class for some kids, they comply and then pay attention.  It is quite a change, as that would never happen in the States.

I am starting to get to see some of the kid's personalities also.  A few are really funny, as I had one kid tell me "My name is Bon."  And I asked him "You are Bon?"  Then he smiled at me and said, "Yeah, James Bond."  Other kids are like US kids in that they have the hard work ethic and really want to learn, while others just like to talk to their friends and don't take the class seriously at all.  In general, it seems like Chilean kids are less serious and more easygoing than kids back home.

With the exception of a barbeque this weekend has been uneventful.  Zoe's birthday was on Wednesday, and she organized a barbeque up on Cerro San Cristobal to celebrate.  I brought some wine and some meat to grill, and it was nice catching up with her and also meeting some Chileans. 

This was also my month of trying to branch out.  I emailed a bassist in the Santiago area to see about playing with some type of music group, and it turns out he is back in Spain until August.  He can't do much to help me until then, but at least I tried.  I also brought my Magic cards with me, and I found a few Facebook groups: one for all of Chile (but with people in Santiago) and another in El Bosque (which is on the outskirts of Santiago).  I have posted to both groups asking about get togethers, but haven't gotten any response yet.  Maybe I need to contact people individually, so we'll see. 

I feel like I have started becoming more outgoing since I have been here.  While traveling I have struck up conversations with other travelers, whereas beforehand I might have kept to myself.  I'm learning to cook a bit more and have also gotten used to switching out the huge gas tanks for hot water and cooking.  All in all, I am satisfied with my experiences so far.

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