Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Orientation, tanning by the pool, and getting keys

I'm listening to the traffic go by on Calle Vicuña Mackenna en Providencia while I sit in my hostel.  My roommates are asleep still, and I don´t want to start packing up and disturb their slumber.

So we had the orientation with the program yesterday.  We got to meet the English coordinator, and she seems very nice and happy to have us there.  We got some basic information and then she took us all out to lunch.  I ordered churrasco (which is sliced up meat) with salad.

Afterwards Bruce (the program director) invited us back to his apartment so that we could enjoy the rooftop pool there.  It was so relaxing enjoying the sunny weather with everyone while tanning, and hopefully I'll have gained some color so I'm less pale.

After that, it was back to the hostel to change and then sign my lease.  I got the keys without a problem, and the landlord put a latch and lock on the bedroom door so that I know that my things will be secure when I'm not home.  (The program advised us to do this, as we may feel we can trust our roommates, we may not be able to trust the people that they have over).

I move in today.  I'll miss my roommates and the constant company of the hostel, but I know I will stop back to visit and hang out from time to time.

Oh yeah, and I start teaching Monday.

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  1. So excited about your new arrangements. What a lucky opportunity! Good luck preparing for teaching! Is this the start of the school year for them?